Is TRE stable?

Yes.  TRE is used in several commercial products and open source applications.  TRE is well tested and does not crash or leak memory. As with most software, there are a couple of minor known issues but probably nothing you should worry about.

Is TRE better than <insert-other-library-here>?

It depends on what you need.  TRE is, as far as I know, the only library which supports approximate matching.  If you want that, TRE is pretty much your only choice.

TRE is a well-rounded library suitable for many purposes.  Both compiling a regex and searching for matches is fast.  TRE won’t crash on you.  For more details, see the About page.

Can I use TRE with <programming-language-x>?

There are bindings for TRE for some languages:

  • Perl
  • Python (available in the source code package)
  • Haskell

TRE is written in C, so it’s possible to use it from any language with a foreign function interface capable of interfacing with C.  To make it nice to use, you’ll probably want to implement an adapter layer to match the look and feel of your language.