TRE on github

by Ville Laurikari on January 15, 2013

You can find it here. It’s been there a while, but probably no-one has noticed:

The repo has been migrated from the old repo in Darcs.

Pull requests are welcome.

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Website issues and future plans

by Ville Laurikari on July 20, 2010

As you may already know, the Darcs repository and the mailing list as well as the archive are down. Previously, I was actually running this site on a box sitting under my desk at home. I moved to a new house recently. Unfortunately, the fiber link isn’t yet hooked up, so now I’m using a hosting service for this site. As you can probably image, with a new house and everything, I haven’t been able to take the time to set up all services my old box had.

The plan is to migrate the TRE project to a proper platform such as Google Code, Bitbucket, or CodePlex, instead of spending a lot of my time in system administration. This will entail also moving from Darcs to Mercurial or Git. But I’m really looking forward to starting using an actual bug tracker for TRE.

I’ll keep this site updated as things start taking shape with the new site.

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Google releases the RE2 library

March 12, 2010

Yesterday, Russ Cox released a new regex matching library from Google, as an open source project. I think it’s very interesting and worth a look.
It shares many of the technical characteristics with TRE, mainly:

Guarantee searching time linear to the size of input (no backreferences).

Guarantee small fixed stack usage when searching

RE2 is compatible with the [...]

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TRE 0.8.0 Released

September 20, 2009

Download here. New in this release:

Added tre_ prefix to all functions exported from libtre. This changes the binary interface (ABI). The old source interface (API) is still available in <tre/regex.h>.  New code should use <tre/tre.h> which exports functions that have the prefix.
Visual C++ 6 project files replaced with Visual Studio 2008 [...]

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NetBSD Taking TRE in the C Library

August 9, 2009

Earlier this year Alistair Crooks contacted me, telling that they would be interested in replacing the old NetBSD C library regex implementation with libtre.  The only problem was the license (LGPL).  I thought about it for about two seconds, and decided to finally release TRE with a BSD license.  So starting from 0.7.6, TRE comes [...]

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